USDA Home Loan Maps Wake Forest and Rolesville NC

It can be difficult to tell exactly WHERE you can purchase a home that qualifies for USDA Home Loan Financing.  These are 100%, no money down loans, with very low Monthly USDA PMI (which makes them cheaper on a monthly basis than FHA, and you CAN make a downpayment if you want to), and in most of the cases we see… the SELLER is paying the Closing … [Read more...]

Johnston County Qualifies for USDA Home Loans

In many NC Counties, you have to check theUSDA website to make certain that the property you want to purchase is located within the USDA “footprint.”  But if you are buying in Johnston County (prior to October 1, 2013)- you’re safe!  The WHOLE COUNTY qualifies for USDA Zero No Money Down Home Loans. That’s right, Johnston County Qualifies for USDA … [Read more...]

USDA Map Changes in Wilmington, Ogden and Leland NC

The USDA Map Changes in Wilmington, Ogden and Leland NC are pretty significant.  We knew that many neighborhoods would lose the ability to offer the USDA Home Loan program when the maps change in October of 2013 – but we just didn’t know how big the change was going to be, until we were able to actually see the USDA Eligibility Map changes earlier … [Read more...]

Zero Down USDA Loans In Wake Forest, NC

Are you looking for a home in the Wake Forest Area?  Great NEWS!  This map shows the property that is eligible for Zero Down USDA Loans!  The area that is NOT “peach” qualifies! See that line where the railroad tracks go from “peach” to white.  That’s Roger’s Road.  This is a GREAT part of Wake County – property values are APPRECIATING … [Read more...]