USDA Home Loan Changes In NC Coming

This state has grown Soooo much, that when the 2010 Census maps were drawn up, and analyzed, it showed that 21 Communities in NC was scheduled to lose the opportunity to get mortgage loans approved using the USDA Home Loan Program starting October 1, 2012.  Congress passed the Senate USDA Appropriations bill, S.2375 which included a grandfathering … [Read more...]

USDA Gets Cash From House -Come on Senate!

GOOD NEWS!  The US House Finance Committee approved a measure to fund the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Housing Service Loan Guarantee Program (section 502 Loans). Say What? Have you been reading that USDA is out of money?  Well, it's not COMPLETELY out -but it's close. In our part of North Carolina it's taking about 12 days to get … [Read more...]

Benefits of USDA Home Loans in Johnston County and Wake County, NC

USDA Home Loans are not just for buying farms! In fact, we don't really offer that kind of Rural Development loan!  We DO offer USDA Home Loans... 100%, No Money Down Home Loans that are insured by the USDA program! (Although if you want to use the USDA Home Loan to buy a horse farm in NC... you can!) These loans have less insurance than FHA … [Read more...]

USDA Appraisal Requirement Change July 1, 2009

Beginning July 1, 2009 USDA is requiring the updated Freddie Mac/ Fannie Mae appraisal in their packages.  As with any change, there are some potential drawbacks. USDA home loans are made in genearlly rural areas.  The new Freddie/Fannie appraisal is designed specifically to identify for the underwriter any recent changes (read DECLINING changes) … [Read more...]

USDA More Than a Brand on Meat

Are you looking for a mobile home? It can be difficult to get a mortgage loan for a mobile home - but we CAN help you find a nice stick built home, with a special program!  USDA Home Loans in NC are an excellent choice - and they are 100% - No Money Down Home Loans! USDA Home Loans were once called Rural Economic Development - and prior to THAT it … [Read more...]