Secured Credit Cards

Trulia recently did a a study of first time home buyers and discovered that about 30% of the people they interviewed pretty equally fell into one of these categories: Wanted to Buy a home but they worried about down payment.  (If that's you - no worries, there are tons of No Money Down Home Loans!) Wanted to Buy a home but they worried that … [Read more...]

Good Credit Advice

First off... let's discuss what Secured Credit is. A Secured Card requires you to make a deposit in order to obtain the credit card.  If you are doing this - you are either a parent with a young child that needs a credit card - or you are re-building. Because there are other ways to obtain cash for a child- let's assume you fall into the … [Read more...]

Different Types of Credit Cards That Build and Establish Credit

There are different types of Credit Cards available to help you build your credit and your credit score.  In general, you need at least 4 tradelines to be able to purchase a home, although USDA Home loans will occasionally allow you to purchase with less than three - provided we can establish an "alternative" trade source, like your insurance, cell … [Read more...]