NC USDA Home Loan Director Says Maps May Change Oct 2012

We reported earlier that there are some SIGNIFICANT changes in the "definition" of Rural in North Carolina by the USDA Rural Housing Department.  With the passing of the Senate USDA Appropriations bill, S.2375 - it appeared that the decision to change the maps was "Grandfathered" until June 1, 2013.  According to our conversation this morning with … [Read more...]

Why Is It Taking 6 Weeks to Get A USDA Home Loan?

There's a ton of interest in 100%, no downpayment USDA Home loans in NC.  Unlike large Metro areas, like Washington DC, we have many large areas that qualify for USDA Mortgage loans near Raleigh! In fact, all of Johnston, Franklin, Chatam and Harnett Counties qualify for this program. Click here to see a map of all counties that qualify for USDA … [Read more...]