What Can Be Done To Improve My Score??

Potential Homebuyers ask us everyday, "How can I improve my credit score???" There's not a simple answer, because every credit history (and score attached to that history) is like a snowflake. There are some concepts that are important to understand about Credit Scores and improving that score. Late Payments Showing on Report: If your … [Read more...]

Inquiries and Credit Scores

Does the TYPE of Inquiry on your credit report Matter? "Above the Line Inquiry" has an impact and the Below the Line - soft inquiry... does not.  The account review is below the line, where a creditor is just doing a check.  The folks who do an employment pull are also below the line. When you apply for a credit card, mortgage, car, etc - those … [Read more...]

Do U Need A Repair Co?

I don't play the lottery - but I know plenty of people that do... and from what I hear, there are no Guarantees that you are going to win as you purchase your ticket. The same thing is true with Credit Repair Companies. There are TONS of ads for credit repair companies claiming that they can ERASE your bad credit... they have a bridge to sell … [Read more...]

Stop The Phone Calls

You're doin' your best to clean up your credit... you're workin' 2 jobs and takin' PBJ's to lunch everyday.  You know you're behind - but you're WORKIN' ON IT!  All you really want is for the bill collectors to stop callin' can just let you focus on getting this behind you. Well, there are a couple of things you can do.  Under the Fair Debt … [Read more...]

The Top Credit Score Killers

If you are looking for ways to improve your credit scores... you definately want to avoid any of these actions: - Paying Late: Logic tells us that the best credit scores go to those who pay their bills on time.  The fact is, 35% of your credit score comes from your RECENT credit history.  Paying your bills on time for 12 months will do WONDERS for … [Read more...]