USDA Home Loans Could Be Getting More Expensive

4/20/10 - As we've mentioned (a couple of times) USDA Single Family Rural Development Home Loan Program is running out of money... WHEN that magic date is - we don't know... But we know it's coming in the next few weeks. The Hombuilder's Association of America is in Washington this week to discuss (read they are begging Congress) ways to get more … [Read more...]

USDA Home Loans have PMI?

USDA loans are the coolest loans on the planet right now, and most people don't understand that it has a form of mortgage insurance... Mortgage Insurance does not pay your mortgage off when you die (well, maybe there's a kind that does, but that's not what I'm talking about).  The PMI-type mortgage insurance is default insurance. It covers a small … [Read more...]