USDA Home Loans Could Be Getting More Expensive

4/20/10 - As we've mentioned (a couple of times) USDA Single Family Rural Development Home Loan Program is running out of money... WHEN that magic date is - we don't know... But we know it's coming in the next few weeks. The Hombuilder's Association of America is in Washington this week to discuss (read they are begging Congress) ways to get more … [Read more...]

Best info On No Money Down Mortgages in NC

With the problems of lower values in Real Estate across the country - we talk to folks daily who left a home in some other area, came to North Carolina for a job.... and now want to buy a house.  The only problem for these folks is typically one of CASH for the down payment!  There are two great programs available for no money down home loans, 100% … [Read more...]

USDA Home Loans, When Do You Need An Inspection

USDA, Rurual Development recently issued an announcement clarifying when they need all of the new construction documents for homes... and when they don't. If the home is less than 1 year old and has never been occupied, the home is considered a new home purchase.  New home purchases are subject to plan certification, specifications, inspections and … [Read more...]

Can You Qualify For A Mortgage If You are Not Married??

If you found this post, you have a very specific question, and the very SHORT answer, is PROBABLY. Exactly what type of mortgage you get, is a slightly more detailed answer! VA LOANS:  VA says that if you are going to purchase with another person they will recognize legally married spouses of qualified veterans as co-signors on VA loans.  … [Read more...]

Johnston County Qualifies for USDA Home Loans

In many NC Counties, you have to check the USDA website to make certain that the property you want to purchase is located within the USDA "footprint."  But if you are buying in Johnston County - you're safe!  The WHOLE COUNTY qualifies for USDA 100% No Money Down Home Loans. Now all you have to check is your income - to be certain you are not OVER … [Read more...]

North Carolina USDA Mortgage Loans Updated 2/2012

In NC, we have some big cities... but we get rural fast!  I can't tell you how many people, dispite the cost of gas, who say, "I'm just lookin' for some land!" or "I can't stand those little 'Barbie Doll' houses sitting right next to each other!" Well, if you’re looking to buy a rural home, we can help you learn about the benefits and features of … [Read more...]