USDA Loan Maps for New Bern NC

USDA Home Loans in New Bern, NC 28561 do not have a maximum loan amount – however, the property must be located within the USDA “Eligibility” area.  Here are maps of the Craven County area, remember that the “faint pink” parts on the map do NOT qualify for USDA Loans.  All of the OTHER areas, however, DO qualify for the USDA RD Loan … [Read more...]

To Get Higher Score – Keep Credit Cards Open- But Don’t Use Them?

Transunion started using a different "Black Box" model in January, and now Experian and Equifax are making technical adjustments too.Although they will not allow us to know the exact formula for calculating the score - we know SOME of the changes! Some of the changes are Collections that start under $100 will not have an impact on your … [Read more...]

USDA More Than a Brand on Meat

Are you looking for a mobile home? It can be difficult to get a mortgage loan for a mobile home - but we CAN help you find a nice stick built home, with a special program!  USDA Home Loans in NC are an excellent choice - and they are 100% - No Money Down Home Loans! USDA Home Loans were once called Rural Economic Development - and prior to THAT it … [Read more...]