USDA Home Loans and Deferred Student Payments

People are moving to the Raleigh / Cary Metro area to go to one of the more than 20 Universities and Colleges we have in the area... and after graduation, they often stay in the Triangle because we have jobs.  As folks are ready to put down roots and buy a home in Raleigh, they need to know how those Student Loans might affect them when they apply … [Read more...]

USDA Home Loans Could Be Getting More Expensive

4/20/10 - As we've mentioned (a couple of times) USDA Single Family Rural Development Home Loan Program is running out of money... WHEN that magic date is - we don't know... But we know it's coming in the next few weeks. The Hombuilder's Association of America is in Washington this week to discuss (read they are begging Congress) ways to get more … [Read more...]

Applications for FHA / VA/ USDA Mortgages Up!

According to the Mortgage Banker's Association in Washington, DC, the applications for "Government" backed loans is MUCH higher than for any other segmant in the market.  Traditionally, if you were interested in purchasing a $300,000 house - you would consider a Conventional Mortgage Loan.  We would often do those loans as 80-15-5 with the borrower … [Read more...]

Disputing Liens and Judgements

"Gee Mom!  Look what I did to Sissy!"  Wow - sometimes we have marks all over our credit report too. If you have Liens or Judgements showing on your report, with inaccurate information, you should most definitely dispute those items.  The WAY you dispute them can be important in actually getting them removed. As always, we recommend that you … [Read more...]