Good Credit Advice

First off... let's discuss what Secured Credit is. A Secured Card requires you to make a deposit in order to obtain the credit card.  If you are doing this - you are either a parent with a young child that needs a credit card - or you are re-building. Because there are other ways to obtain cash for a child- let's assume you fall into the … [Read more...]

Applications for FHA / VA/ USDA Mortgages Up!

According to the Mortgage Banker's Association in Washington, DC, the applications for "Government" backed loans is MUCH higher than for any other segmant in the market.  Traditionally, if you were interested in purchasing a $300,000 house - you would consider a Conventional Mortgage Loan.  We would often do those loans as 80-15-5 with the borrower … [Read more...]

150 Moving Parts to Credit Score

Your credit score has upwards of 150 different components.  It is a mathematical model and though it is considered a "black box," with few of the actual details made public, we do know the most common elements: Length of time at your current residence and whether you rent or own.  Because of this, often times we list the "permanent" residence for … [Read more...]