USDA No Money Down Mortgage

We've helped many customers buy homes with an old program offered through the USDA... not to buy farms... HOMES. The Rurual Economic Development Fund is what it use to be called, now it's just a part of the USDA RD Home Loan Program, and the goal is to provide mortgages, and incentives for folks to purchase homes in less "densly" populated … [Read more...]

100% Mortgage Loans in Chapel Hill?

I was very surprised by just how much of Orange County, NC qualifies for USDA¬†Mortage Loans!¬† Pleasantly Surprised! Granted, downtown Carrboro and Chapel Hill do not qualify - but MOST of the county does! To find out if your specific property qualifies, click here! The parts in the "shaded" areas do not qualify for USDA loans, however, all of the … [Read more...]