What Can Be Done To Improve My Score??

Potential Homebuyers ask us everyday, "How can I improve my credit score???" There's not a simple answer, because every credit history (and score attached to that history) is like a snowflake. There are some concepts that are important to understand about Credit Scores and improving that score. Late Payments Showing on Report: If your … [Read more...]

Good Credit Advice

First off... let's discuss what Secured Credit is. A Secured Card requires you to make a deposit in order to obtain the credit card.  If you are doing this - you are either a parent with a young child that needs a credit card - or you are re-building. Because there are other ways to obtain cash for a child- let's assume you fall into the … [Read more...]

Why Are My Credit Scores Different??

We often talk to folks who are ready to buy a house, and they have the credit scores that they get for free every year.  Well, those scores are not the same as the scores you get for a mortgage credit report.  In fact OUR Credit Score numbers and the ones they send you, are almost always DIFFERENT! Okay- so by now you know that you will have 3 … [Read more...]

Does The Balance On Your Account Matter?

I recently read a report that said: "Several of my clients are in the credit restoration business and a recent conference call with some of the heavy hitters in the business revealed an astonishing new update to how the FICO score is computed. Balance management - that is the practice of getting the "balance to available credit" (similar to ltv) … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Wallet (It Makes a Difference) Part 2

Working on your credit scores so you can purchase a home? If you are not behind on payments, and you think you can manage the payments as they are (without closing accounts)… let’s talk about one of the most important things you can do to raise your credit score. Take out your wallet… Look at the Credit Cards; and find the ones that have the name … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Wallet (it makes a Difference)? Part 1

Are you considering a Home Purchase???  Many of us realize that credit scores are the Holy Grail—the one thing you do not want to screw up… and if you have, it’s the one thing you want to figure out how to FIX... FAST! We talk to people all the time who have been laid off, or had an accident, or got sick, or relocated and then hit hard times. The … [Read more...]

Closing a Credit Card??

If your trying to decide what to do with all that cash Washington is sending you in the next few weeks... you might also be looking at your credit report to see how to use that money more effectively. In today's environment we don't usually suggest that folks close credit cards with no balance, but if that's a decision you've made, here are some … [Read more...]

What To Dispute On Your Credit Report

  If You're Huntin' A Better Credit Score - Let Sleepin' Dawgs Lie! If you are looking for a new home, you are probably aware that your Credit Score is a CRITICAL item in determining your interest rate and possibly how much house you can buy / qualify for! We talk to people every week who receive a copy of their credit report, see some … [Read more...]

Inquiries and Credit Scores

Does the TYPE of Inquiry on your credit report Matter? "Above the Line Inquiry" has an impact and the Below the Line - soft inquiry... does not.  The account review is below the line, where a creditor is just doing a check.  The folks who do an employment pull are also below the line. When you apply for a credit card, mortgage, car, etc - those … [Read more...]

What does Rapid Rescore Mean?

Rapid Rescore is just what it sounds like... let's say our credit model shows that if you pay a credit card down to $300 your score will go up 20 points. Well, once you have evidence that you've made the payment - you send us the documentation, and we get the scores updated! That's the good news... here's the BAD NEWS (sorta): It takes almost 10 … [Read more...]