View USDA Map Changes For NC Due 10-1-13

The USDA Home Loan Program is one of the best programs at the moment for home buyers in NC. It has extremely low costs (especially when you compare it to the FHA PMI rates), and the USDA Home Loan has very low closing costs. The program requires that you purchase a home located within the USDA Home Loan “footprint.” In NC that “footprint” is changing pretty significantly this fall. Because of that below you can view USDA Map Changes for NC due 10-1-13.

In the Coastal parts of NC, there are areas around Wilmington that are losing the program, including Leland. The areas near New Bern are pretty well staying the same. There area ares near Greenville NC that will be ineligible because of the Map Changes.  Kinston is also going see neighborhoods and sections of town that will no longer be eligible for USDA Home Loans as part of the program.

USDA Map Changes Coastal NC

In the areas near Raleigh NC there are more significant changes. These changes include:

  • Elimination of the program in most of Holly Springs
  • Elimination of significant parts of Knightdale and Wake Forest
  • Elimination of the program for most of Clayton and Smithfield
  • Elimination of the program in parts of Cary and Apex
  • Maps will be changing in Durham and the area near Briar Creek
  • Areas near Fayetteville and Sanford will lose USDA Eligibility
  • Mebane and Burlington will also have major areas that no longer qualify for the program

USDA Map Changes near Raleigh NC

In the section of the State that runs from Greensboro and Winston Salem down to Charlotte there will also be major areas that no longer qualify for USDA.  The USDA Map Changes for the areas around High Point, North of Greensboro in Summerfield, and Belmont / Gastonia near Charlotte will lose the program.

USDA Map Changes For Greensboro NC

Hickory, Morganton and Asheville also will lose neighborhoods that currently qualify for the no money downpayment USDA Home Loan Program.

USDA Map Changes Morganton NC

As you can see, these changes are more pervasive than just the 22 Communities in NC USDA previously announced as being affected by the map changes.  If you have questions about a specific area, pleaew leave us a comment and we will give you the Income and Map Changes for that specific area.  The good news is that every county in NC will continue to have a SMALL area that qualifies for the USDA Home Loan Program.

There area three basic USDA Home Loan requirements for getting a Home Loan in NC.

  • The home must be located within the USDA Home Loan footprint (obviously, these boundaries could be changing in NC based on a new definition of “rural” mandated by Congress).
  • Each borrower needs at least 2 credit scores of at least 640.  There are exceptions, and if you qualify for a NC Housing Finance Agency loan, you might qualify with scores as low as 620.  In general, the underwriters for USDA Home Loans in NC are looking for 12 months of Clean Credit.
  • You must be under the Maximum Income Requirements for the County you are purchasing a home in to qualify for this No Money Down Home Loan Program.

If you have questions about OTHER no money down programs available in NC, please call Steve and Eleanor Thorne 919 649 5058 – we do many no money down loans, and offer today’s best rate!  Connect with us on Facebook or G+ for updates!


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  1. jessetta platt says:

    I was wondering can you purchase a manufacture home under this type of loan and I’m really not understanding the map property I’m looking at is off of hwy 55 in kinston nc 28502

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