USDA Loan Maps for New Bern NC

USDA Home Loans in New Bern, NC 28561 do not have a maximum loan amount – however, the property must be located within the USDA “Eligibility” area.  Here are maps of the Craven County area, remember that the “faint pink” parts on the map do NOT qualify for USDA Loans.  All of the OTHER areas, however, DO qualify for the USDA RD Loan program.

USDA Loan Highlights:

  • No Money Down Loans, Seller can pay closing costs
  • In Ground Swimming pools are difficult to finance
  • Credit Scores without NC Housing Aid must meet a minimum of 640, with NCHFA they can be as low as 600 (See Bottom of Page for more details on this First Time Home Buyer program available in New Bern)



usda loans new bern nc map



usda loans new bern nc


new bern usda loans


VIEW ALL USDA Underwriting Guidelines for NC

The USDA Home Loans Maximum Income Limits for Cravan County

  • 1 to 4 people in the Household $74,750
  • 5 or More in the Household $98,650

If you are applying for the NC First Time Home Buyer Program, there are different qualifying Income Limits and Sales Price Limits for Craven County.  This program is for folks who are residents of NC and have not owned a primary residence in the past 3 years (so NOT just for First Time Homebuyers).

  • NC Housing Income Limits for Craven County and the New Bern area
    • 1 to 2 people in Household $57,500
    • 3+ people in Household $66,000
  • Maximum Sales Price for First Time Home Buyer Program in New Bern (new or existing homes) $225,000
  • Minimum Credit Score Requirements 600
  • Mortgage Tax Certificate (MCC) s available for New Bern, NC

Connect with us on Google Plus or Facebook! If you have questions about qualifying for a USDA Home Loan in NC, call Steve and Eleanor 919 649 5058 Remember, the USDA Home Loan Maps could be changing October 1, 2013… in fact, almost 1/3 of North Carolina could LOSE the ability to do USDA Home Loans! Yikes!

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