USDA Home Loan Maps Wake Forest and Rolesville NC

It can be difficult to tell exactly WHERE you can purchase a home that qualifies for USDA Home Loan Financing.  These are 100%, no money down loans, with very low Monthly USDA PMI (which makes them cheaper on a monthly basis than FHA, and you CAN make a downpayment if you want to), and in most of the cases we see… the SELLER is paying the Closing Costs!  Unfortunately USDA Home Loan Maps Wake Forest and Rolesville NC will be changing this fall, and many of the areas that currently qualify for the program will lose it.

To qualify for USDA Home Loans in NC, in general:

  • you need to have two credit scores that are between 620 and 640
  • you need to be under the maximum income limit set for your area
  • the property needs to be within the Eligibility Maps for the USDA no money down home loans program!

Many of our competitors are NOT doing USDA Mortgage Loans – but we are closing them every week!  Below you will see maps of the areas that CURRENTLY qualify for USDA Home Loans in Wake Forest and Rolseville. You’ll notice Heritage, for instance, is within the “approved” area.  After the USDA Map Changes in October – these areas will no longer be eligible for USDA Home Loan financing.

The areas below that are “shaded” currently qualify for USDA Home Loan financing in Wake Forest and Rolesville , but again, these USDA Eligibility maps are due to change this fall.




The maps below reflect the changes expected to take place at the end of September 2013. Notice how many neighborhoods no longer qualify.




Following the USDA Home Loan Maps for Wake Forest and Rolesville NC to find a home is one thing… Structuring the contract correctly for Seller Concessions can be tricky.  There’s specific wording the Underwriters are looking for.  We work with TOP Real Estate Agents in this area who are familiar with the market, how to negotiate for the Seller to Pay Closing Costs, and how to get you the best price on a home in Wake Forest and Rolesville!

Call Steve Thorne 919-649-5058 USDA Home Loan Experts if you have questions on Qualifying for a USDA Home Loan in Wake Forest NC and Rolesville NC. We have the best mortgage rates available in North Carolina.


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