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We are able to tap into the mortgage rates available from Banks and Mortgage Companies all over the Country!  At any given point, no matter what program you are looking for – we will have today’s best mortgage rate.

As we say that – it’s important to understand some of the Loan Level Pricing for Mortgage Loans that exist from Lenders AND Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Pricing Adjustments really started in 2008, and the factors that contribute to them change a couple of times a year.  One of the easiest ways to look at it is this… if you are purchasing insurance for your car, and you park in the Police parking lot every day, only drive 3 miles each way to work, and have a PERFECT 20 year driving record… you’ll likely get the LOWEST insurance rates available.

The risks that Wall Street, and Banks look at when deciding what they are willing to “rate” your loan at include the loan size, the property (is it a condo?  If so rates are higher), the purpose of the loan (cash out Refinances are priced differently than streamline rate change refinances), the type of loan you are applying for (is it guaranteed by the Government?  If so, you have a lower rate) and of course, your overall credit and income qualifications.

Again, these Loan Level Adjustments are based on each unique circumstance, so when you call us and just want to know what the Rate is – please don’t be surprised when we say something like, “We’ll need to ask a few questions before we can answer that!”

No Matter WHAT your circumstances, call us to get a quote – we close loans for people all over North Carolina because we have the best rates!  A phone call to us, might save you thousands of dollars in interest!

We want to help you!  Call Steve Thorne at 919-649-5058 and get a quote right now, or complete the form below!

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