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We’re not sure what we would do if we couldn’t help people buy houses. We’ve worked together, in and around the mortgage business since working part time in the business for my dad while in High School… (in other places, we date ourselves and say “since the Early 1980’s.”)

Steve and I were high school sweethearts at Cary High School. We remember when there was a Farm (or two) on Kildaire Farm Rd, and the Cary Parkway was just a great idea. Not only did WE graduate from the Wake County Public School System (a million years ago, according to our teenager), we have two children who are also graduates (graduating) through the WCPSS! Steve is a long time member of the Cary High School Business Alliance, and I work with the PTSA and the Fine Arts Department at Green Hope High School, so it’s easy for us to tell you about raising children in this area, and the great educational opportunities, from a variety of perspectives.

We also know a thing or two about business, and about how mortgage lending is continually “re-Defining” itself. We’ve been twice named one of the top Origination Teams in the State (by the NC Association of Mortgage Professionals) and Mortgage Originator Magazine. As entrepreneurs, and owners of a fairly large mortgage company, we won the Triangle Fast 50 Award 3 times. We sold our company in December of 2006 to a Community Bank out of Martinsville, Virginia with a Mortgage Banker office in Cary, and that’s the “platform” we still sell mortgages through.

As active members of the Cary Chamber of Commerce, we’ve become a friend and mentor to local businesses and charities, including the YMCA “We Build People Campaigns” and the American Cancer Relay for Life. Steve and I live in Cary, NC with our children. You will also see us in the Kitchen at First United Methodist Church in “downtown” Cary (we are in other parts of the Church too – this is just where we volunteer… ALOT!)!

We’ve seen the Mortgage Industry “discover” how to incorporate: Fax Machines, Computers, Equity Lines, ARMs, Credit Scoring and Automated Appraisal Values… sometimes with more success than others! Yes, it’s an exciting business! In the last couple of years, we averaged 390 different program changes, more than one a day – and we don’t see that trend changing! That’s one of the reasons we started this blog in 2007.

On any given day, mortgage lending experiences a thousand minute changes that together can create monumental forces of difference for our customers. We are continually educating ourselves and work to engage our team with the highest thinkers in economics, politics and financial planning. In this way, we create an environment that provides the best advice for your unique circumstances.

How Our Team WorksEleanor Thorne http://www.retechnotes.com

Most of this website was written by Eleanor. I am a certified FHA Underwriter (although I no longer underwrite), and I tend to write as if you are my friend, or my little brother, or one of my children. If I come across “condescending” I apologize now. I tend to take the position that if you are on the internet looking for information, it’s probably easier if I just start from the beginning.

Our ORIGINAL USDA website got “Archieved” by a company that offered Free Web Space!  They refused to give us our pages back unless I paid them like $600 – so I just started over.  I mention this – because if you find pages of ours that say “Archieve” could you PLEASE let me know??

Other than writing the 3 blogs we keep, I also work with  Real Estate Agents, and local business owners to advance using  Social Media. In other words, I do my best to keep the phone ringing.

Steve, my husband, is the “Master” project manager. When you call us, you will likely be speaking with him, because we keep him pretty much chained to the computer, the rate changes, the files – he’s really the loan officer. If you are a first time home owner, he will spend time explaining the process of home ownership – he will explain why you want to use the FREE services of a Real Estate Agent (and not just use the onsite person from the Builder).

We focus our business on FHA, VA and USDA Home Loans. We also offer NC Housing Finance Agency Programs – which means that if you qualify, we can help you get $8000 in a FREE Government Program to purchase a home! NCHFA can be used with FHA, VA and USDA loans and the minimum credit scores with this program go down to 600! In the past couple of years, USDA has periodically “run out” of funds – we’ve never missed a beat!

We also offer the lowest Mortgage Rates, and that’s another reason we work were we do.

Real Estate Is Cheap! That’s not just a saying, for many places in NC, that’s a F-A-C-T! And, while there are HUGE Deals available right now, (you can buy a “high end” home in many places for THOUSANDS of dollars less than you could 5 years ago)… the “Best” deals are still in the lower end properties. If you are looking at those “distressed homes” we offer 203K FHA renovation loans. In fact, there are SEVERAL programs now available for these properties, and we are connected to teams who can help you with completing these projects.

Steve is also really talented when it comes to helping people fix their credit. This is a very humbling job. We talk to people all the time who have been through so much, and are getting themselves back on the good path!

Let’s face it. We live in a Credit Society. Like it or not. Our credit and credit scores determines many aspects of our life. For the vast majority of us it is a factor in our quality of life and our ability to achieve our goals. Damaged credit will dramatically affect the cost of our home, cars, insurance, credit cards, security deposits even the ability to get or keep a job. Not to mention the stress!

Can you buy a house if you’ve been bankrupt, had a short sale or a foreclosure? YES you can!

The good news is that the way we manage credit and our scores can be changed with the right knowledge, discipline and financial strategy. Steve says:

I have been involved with credit and lending since the early 1980’s. It is my career. I have analyzed many thousands of credit reports and have seen every possible challenge associated with credit and credit scoring and repair. I personally have had excellent and damaged credit.

There IS GOOD news….. Damaged credit is not a lifetime event. Let’s talk about the fact that not having/or using credit is not a good financial strategy.You can repair and re-establish your credit and your future without gimmicks. It will, however, involve a strategy and, yes, a discipline.

Here’s the true story of a nurse, who we helped fix her credit and buy a home. Call us. We want to write YOUR Amazing Dream Come True Story and be YOUR Mortgage Lender! Steve and Eleanor Thorne 919-649-5058


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