USDA Loans in North Carolina

usda home loans

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North Carolina’s Best No Money Down Mortgage Option

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USDA Home Loans have Five Basic Qualification Guidelines:

  • Property Location: Every County in NC has Areas that qualify
  • House Must be :  USDA Loans requirements say that the home you are buying must be a single family residence. No Duplexes, or tri-plexes.  It must also be your primary residence.
  • Credit Scores: The USDA Underwriting System is currently only approving borrowers who have a credit score of 640 or higher.
  • Total Debt Ratio:  USDA Home Loans qualifying requirements include a ratio between your GROSS income and your total housing payment, and your GROSS Monthly income and your total debt.
  • Income Limits: USDA Home Loan requirements for maximum income change per county.   If you make more money than the limit, you will not qualify.